I have always enjoyed being crafty. I remember getting really excited about stickers and fun stationary when I was little. Well its good to know that some things in life never change!

I was introduced to scrapbooking in 2005 and have been hooked ever since. My love of crafting has branched out to include DIY, projects, gardening, baking, and canning. I hope to share my projects here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Matey Card

Yo Ho All!

Today I am sharing a card I made for my DH's birthday.

I would say this was a simple card, and the design surely is simple, but it sure did take me a while to get all the things sized the way I wanted. LOL..

First I printed and cut the Barmaid holding the ale from page 6. Then I went back and decided to print out the Happy Birthday Matey too. While I was printing that I noticed that the Happy Birthday background wasn't printing in black. Grrrr... Then I noticed that the barmaid's stocking's weren't black either. Well I changed the ink cartridge and reprinted the title but left the barmaid with the grayish fishnets instead of reprinting her again too.

I Printed patterned paper in a 5.5" square and then hand cut it out and curled the edges and inked the backside to add to its aged look.

I accented the Barmaid and the Title with some Sakura GellyRoll Star Glitter Pens.

For the inside of the card, I added the Wanna and question mark from Cricut Classic Font. I flood filled the letters on my Imagine to match the coloring on the Timbers.

Funny how adding one word to a title can change the entire tone of it. It makes me giggle and I am sure my DH will laugh too.

I added the sword because I had printed it for the front for the parrot to sit on and then decided not to use it there, so I just used it on the inside. The sword was also accented using the Star GellyRoll pens.

Here is a close up of the Mug of Ale. The only extra layer I cut for the card front was the foam on the mug. I added some liquid Applique and heated it so it would poof up. (I love this stuff!)
I also hand cut a small piece of acetate to layer over the mug to give the appearance of glass. It is only attached under the foam so it wiggles more than I would like, but I can live with that. LOL

I am happy to be getting back into crafting..it feels like so long since I made anything!

Thanks for visiting today.

Have a Great and Crafty Day!



  1. Love it! Hope he has a great birthday! (He better since you are staying home for it! LOL) Have a great weekend we will talk after I get back,

  2. Love this !! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have an award for you on my website.

    This is a great card! I'm sure he loved it.