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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reconditioning my Mats

Hi all!

I have a large stash of mats that are not so sticky anymore. I decided to recondition a few of them.
My first step is removing lint and most adhesive from the mat using Goo Gone. I just put it on, spread it around with a scraper and then start scraping off. It takes some elbow grease to get the mat clean, but it works pretty well.
As you can see the left side of the mat is pretty clean. I know there are sprays out there that would probably so the same thing without so much scraping, but Goo Gone is definitely cheaper and more readily available. After I scrap the mats with the Goo Gone, I then wash them with dish soap and let them dry, just to make sure I get the Goo Gone off.

Now on to the resticking:

I used Aleene's Tack it Over and Over repositionable glue. I watered it down, and then spread it out on the mat using a sponge brush.
After you have brushed a coat of glue over the cutting surface, let it dry until clear. Then it is ready to go.

I didn't measure the water/glue ratio, I just winged it. It was a fairly thin consistency. I like this method as you don't' have to tape off the edges of your mat, like you do when using a spray. Brushing gives you more control.

My mats were a tad too sticky at first. I just patted them against my Tshirt a few times, and I didn't press my paper down too hard to the mats. After a few cuts, the mats are perfect now!

I also date all my mats with a sharpie so I can see how long they last. A few of those mats weren't that old. The "better adhesive" on the Imagine mats is a pretty big fail on Provo Craft's part if you ask me.

At least I know I can get a good sticky mat on my own. ;)

Give it a try!

Thanks for visiting today.

Have a Great and Crafty Day!


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  1. TY for sharing!
    I do hate the adhesive on those newer mats.
    I have goo gone and tack it over and over so I am gonna give this a try!